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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  November 28, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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live picture over market street in downtown san francisco. protesters are marching from the
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embarcadero to, we think, union swear where shoppers pack aed stores all day long for black friday. as you can see right now, although the shot is from a distance here. they are blocking market street as they make their way to union square. protesters say they are calling attention to the grand jury decision in ferguson, missouri, where a police officer was not charged after shooting a black teenager, michael brown and killing him. good evening, everybody. tonight's protest is the latest in what's been a black friday full of civil unrest. let's go to lillian kim. she's monitoring it tonight. >> reporter: the protesters are on the move. they are down market street. their objective is simple, to disrupt as much black friday shopping as they possibly can. >> what i'm hoping is more and more people get their daily routine disrupted and have to pay attention to what is
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happening. >> reporter: they converge to show solidarity with the ferguson protest going on across the country. they will be marching down market street where shoppers have hit the stores for black friday. >> i feel like the san francisco response has not been particularly loud. i think that's a problem. i'm hoping this turns out to be something more, something that can be heard. >> for us and 3 other organizations here we think the most important part is to march, to win people over. that's what we are hoping for. >> reporter: merchants in downtown san francisco are hoping things won't get violent. they have seen the vandalism that protesters have done to stores in oakland and are concerned the same thing may happen here. >> it's not okay. >> reporter: there's already a heavy police presence in the area. here to accomdate the black friday crowd.
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we will stay open and see how the crowd looks and then close the door if anything that is not peaceful is happening. >> reporter: most of the marchers heard about the demonstration on social media. we heard from several of them and they came from santa rosa to half moon bay to walnut creek. the plan is for the group to merge with another group of pro-0 testers at union square. it's unclear where the demonstration will go from there. we will be following them and tweeting along the way. that's the latest from san francisco. lillian kim, abc 7 news. >> all right. > . >> in oakland today a small group of demonstrators managed to shut down a large portion of b.a.r.t. they chained themselves to each other and two trains 59 the west oakland b.a.r.t. station them station was evacuated when the protesters refused to leave.
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>> i've been here four hours and 28 minutes. we are here to make a statement. >> sky 7 hd was over the station which was shut down for more than two hours delaying b.a.r.t. trains everywhere and shutting down the transbay tube, meaning no traffic going between oakland and san francisco. b.a.r.t. police were able to detach the people from the trains. they arrested 18 protesters for interfering with railway operations and trespassing. >> the b.a.r.t. shutdown left riders confused and frustrated. even at stations where there were no pro-0 tests. this is cell phone video of passengers walking around the station in oakland. many were with wondering how to get to their destination. with the transbay tube shut down b.a.r.t. mostly ground to a halt in san francisco as well. lee ann is live with their reaction. >> reporter: passengers are still asking me are b.a.r.t.
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trains running? the answer is yes. service is back to normal. we are live at the glenn park bart part station. b.a.r.t. officials are glad this didn't happen during a normal commute day. b.a.r.t. passengers were trying to find other ways to get from the embarcadero station to the east bay. >> walk toward main street. >> reporter: the west oakland station is a short ride to downtown san francisco. shutting it down caught cut off access to and from the city. those coming from sfo were also affected. >> expect major delays. >> i'm stuck. i have been stuck here for at least about an hour or a little more. >> reporter: some passengers had spent thanksgiving in san francisco and were trying to get back to the east bay. a few were furious when they found out that protesters had chained themselves together to pring attention to the fatal shooting of michael brown in ferguson, missouri. >> it made me angry, less than
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sympathetic toward any nonsense. this has something to do with ferguson and in reality it has to do with occupy oakland and folks that want to disrupt our way of life and government. >> it gripped me big time. i had to say what's is going 0 in missouri is not california. >> reporter: because of the long thanksgiving break few people were taking b.a.r.t. today. a few passengers decided to take a bus and walk to the transbay terminal. even though whose support the protesters were put out. >> i'm with them. as a human being you understand why they are protesting impeding people from going to work is not the best way of doing it. >> reporter: service was eventually restored but delays lastd several hours. in san francisco, abc 7 news. [ chanting ] >> hundreds of people rallied outside of wal-mart stores nationwide today including this
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one in mill pea das protesting low wages. they are calling on the mega retailer to pay workers a minimum of $15 an hour. >> that will put food on our table every day. we have a hard time paying the rent. we have a hard time paying for gas and other basic necessities. >> work withers are demanding consistent full-time schedules. wal-mart says it employs more people than any other retailer and pays a fair, competitive wage. shoppers are out in droves looking to snatch up the last of the black friday deals them crowds gathered at the premium outlets in livermore. dozens of people camped out at the michael kors store for designer handbags. good luck finding a place to
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park at south land mall in heyward. this is video of cars circling the lot hoping to find a spot. turning to the wef now. contra costa county officials are offering free sandbags ahead of the expected rain coming this weekend. they will be distributed at five locations throughout the county starting today. they are being distributed and free of dhoorch contra costa county residents. people who come by need to shovel and fill the bags themselves. we have a list of the locations on our website at abc 7 >> we are about to see wet weather across the area. spencer has a look at the forecast. >> you can see a large area of moisture in the north bay. rain has been light rain falling over an hour from you kaaya to santa rosa and both are reporting rainfall at this moment. as no doubt rain is falling in other locations as well. scattered showers after 8 p.m. rain moving south and eastward
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through san francisco and oakland. the south bay will begin to receive rainfall after midnight. the forecast, starting at 6:00 this evening, later in the evening rain pushing southward an eastward. after midnight it will reach other parts of the area, south of golden gate and more widespread and in some cases intense. by 4:00 tomorrow morning it will appear to break up but not praeking up. more on the way. i will have the accu-weather seven-day forecast in a moment. a chp motorcycle officer has been in surgery for injuries he suffered. it happened at lawrence expressway and 101. the driver is suspected of running a red light. alcohol or drugs are not believed to be a factor in the accident. the chp shut down the expressway in both directions until midnight. the chp sounding a warning with if you are at the side show in oakland you may be facing charges down the road. sky 7 hd captured the side show
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as it was happening on wednesday night. more than 100 cars were involved. abc 7 news reporter vic lee is joining us with why the bust was is so significant for the highway patrol. >> reporter: you know, it is always hard to prosecute those involved in the side shows. the reason is that usually when police or the chp arrive on the scene those who are involved have already left. but this time the chp says they have got all of the evidence they need to make their case. now, on wednesday night, they cited and released 23 protesters, but 23 of those involved in the side show, but they say that's only the beginning. this is all that remains of wednesday's side show. the chp says stay tuned. there are warrants and arrests to come. spectators were breaking the law, as well as the drivers. >> because while you are spectating, typically you are blocking the roadway, blocking
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access to vehicles to travel through. >> reporter: these are some of the dozen or so impounded be by the chp from the big side show. this one towed to a pick and pull was test destroyed by fire. >> a stolen vehicle in the crowd was lit on fire while officers were moving in to the crowd. >> reporter: the chp believes there might have been firearms inside that fuelled the flames. officers singled out the driver and detained him. as you can see it was a huge crowd of some 200 people here at the port of oakland. cars doing doughnuts and stunts with spectators a few feet away. officers observed at least one vehicle lose control and come close to colliding with onlookers. there was also a huge chp presence mobilized. they received a tip a side show would occur later in the night. when it ppened the special response team rushed to the port
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and sealed the highway. some in the crowd threw rocks and bottles. after hearing gun fire the chp took action. the officers advanced in to the crowd with weapons drawn. thoroughly and systemically detaining all parties present. >> reporter: a does en drivers tried unsuccessfully to try to escape. a red van tried to make a run for it by smashing through a chain-link fence. it got stuck on the tracks. people rushed out tv the van, small children in tow. sky 7 wasn't the only chopper taking pictures. chp had theirs doing the same thing. >> we interviewed everyone there. we will use the video from our aircraft to ling that and put charges on at a later date. >> abc 7 news. still ahead, the holiday tradition that could cost you more this season. some reasons why christmas tree prices are on the rise this year. fan reaction from niners nation to the owner's fiery
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tweet. his criticism of his own team. putting away the plastic. a growing number of passengers are embracing paying with their phones on this black friday. the a protest march through downtown san francisco. you can see the group blocking all lanes of busy market street. we are monitoring this andç3ç3çç
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for many families black friday deals can wait. top priority, shopping for a christmas tree. >> absolutel our reporter is lie at the christopher church in san jose. >> this lot just opened today. it is at saint christopher where it is a fund-raising project. behind me are trees that just came off a truck from oregon. still tied up. don't come fresher than that, unless you go and cut one with yourself. seeing a parade of vehicles with trees tied to the roof because of is a post thanksgiving day tradition. every tree, whatever the size is $50. the only issue is finding the right one. do trees express feeling as you cut them? >> i sure hope not. but if they do, it will know we have chosen it to be part of our family. hopefully a good feeling. >> reporter: five neighbors have made the trek annually for a
7:17 pm
decade, setting out turkey leftovers for a tailgate party. five families, five trees and one goal. >> big and fluffy. that's all we look for. big and fluffy. >> reporter: that's a similar goal for shoppers looking for artificial trees. white lights, multicolor lights, short or long needles. when decorated they look elegant. even at 150 to 1 2 /* -- $1200. >> should we cut down the trees or something over and over. we have concern of making waste opposed to getting a tree every year. >> kenneth moore the safety and drought are also conserations. >> the last couple of years they have had a live tree. the air has been dry.
7:18 pm
the tree dried out before actual christmas date. >> which takes us to the corner tree lot. doug douglas firs have gone up to 2 $05 because of stronger demand. >> what do you think of the new tree? it is awesome. >> pretty tall, isn't it? >> yes. >> taller than you are. >> yep. >> san jose, david louie, abc 7 news. san francisco 49ers sfans react to the team's loss to the seahawks last night and a surprising tweet sent out last night by niners owner calling out his team for their poor performance. it read thank you 49er faithful for coming out strong tonight. this performance wasn't acceptable. i apologize for that. we spoke to niner fans about this candid message. >> reporter: at the sports shop, 49ers fans have seen better days. >> disappointed because they were at home and didn't show up.
7:19 pm
>> reporter: the 49ers lost to the seahawks. owner and ceo jed york tweeted this after the defeat. thank you 49ers faithful for coming out tonight. this performance wasn't acceptable. i apologize for that. end quote. harbaugh was told about the tweet. he initially addressed it and seemed caught off guard by a follow up question. >> does that mean it doesn't matter what your owner tweets? >> i don't care about the tweet. >> what matters is what we do, how we respond as a team. >> reporter: local fans had mixed reaction about the tweet. >> he's the owner of the business. if he's not pleased with the performance of his employees, i don't think it did -- it wasn't directed at any one person or coach, it is was just an overall statement. he wasn't pleased. >> others took a chance to speculate. >> it has been up and down all year and i thi he is trying to
7:20 pm
relay to the fans that there will be changes ahead. that's my impression from what i read about it. >> reporter: players are not taking sides. davis shared his thoughts following the game. >> i try to stay out of that, whatever is going on upstairs or in the next room. i leave it up to them. i just stay in my corner. >> reporter: one thing that many agree on, it was a bad way for fans and players to begin theiring thissinging this weekend. the 49ers play again december 7th against the raiders. abc 7 news. move to the forecast now. the first thing people may buy when they are doing their holiday shopping is an umbrella. >> i can't remember the last time i was this excited about rainfall. you can see a large area of moisture in the north bay and more moving on land right now. it is moving in santa rosa and many locations in the north bay.
7:21 pm
check out how dry this view is and clear. looking over san francisco, you can see the rain is con season traited in the north bay. current readings upper 50s in san francisco, oakland. 58 san jose. another clear view of the skyline or part a of it, downtown san francisco from our camera, 55 in santa rosa and light rain falling. 57 napa and petaluma. upper 50s in concord. 56 livermore. one more view across the bay and again, no rain in this camera angle. there's a lot up north. it will be spreading southward overnight. periods of rain on saturday and sunday and this wet pattern will continue with rain off and on through next wednesday. the satellite image showing the approaching cold front pringing us the rainfall. already rain ahead of the front as you know. the weekend rains are moving in right now. will continue to do so overnight. maybe a break or two before this
7:22 pm
second and stronger storm moves in next week. so we have several days of at least a few periods of rain coming our way. watch the showers spread late night hours. that will continue overnight with heavy rainfall, slicing through the central part of the bay area. right in the middle of the night at 3:00 a.m. or so. san francisco will be getting the rainfall after midnight as will parts of the east bay. it will continue to travel southward, eastward overnight in to noon tomorrow. we will see it breaking up tomorrow in to pockets of rain and showers. that's not the end of it. it will continue in to tomorrow night and then through sunday and sunday afternoon and sunday night, as well. the second round comes in on sunday. it could bring periods of steadier, heavier rainfall. totals as high as 2 1/2 inches in the north bay mountains, as much as a half inch to an inch and a quarter over the lower elevations. meanwhile -- oh, wind gusts.
7:23 pm
let me tell you, it will intensify overnight in to sunday morning. look for gusts above 25 miles an hour in some locations sunday morning. we'll see gusts over 30 miles an hour in some points during the daytime on sunday. meanwhile n the sierra, a winter weather advisory until 7:00 p.m. sunday evening. in the bay upper 40s to low 50s. and here's the accu-weather seven-day forecast. we are going to get wet, windy weather on sunday. breaks on monday. still a wet day. soaking rain on tuesday. more showers on wednesday. drying out on thursday and friday. >> much-needed rain and we do need it. a rare glimpse at the pentagon's most
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carbon fiber there's nothing ordinary ath about them. >> for this plane you can not fly it without the helmet display. >> reporter: that is 35 strike fighters require a high-tech helmet for pilots. one is a screen where critical flight information is projected. images from cameras mounted around the plane are projected on the screen. sensors in the helmet know exactly what camera to show the pilot. >> you can physically look down and see the floor of the aircraft, but also you will be able to see a projected image of what the camera sees straight under the aircraft. >> it is like wearing a lamborghini to your. >> reporter: the cost is close to that, too. each costs $500,000. the military says you can't have the plane without the helmet. >> the pilot sits in the jet and you become part of it. the helmet is part of that. >> reporter: the military says they are flying computers which is why these helmets are
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required. each pilot has his or head measured and the visors are laser cut to fit perfectly. in florida at eglin air force base, kate valentine, abc 7 news. so much more ahead. protecting the landscape decimated by one of california's largest wildfires. what crews are now doing at the site of the king fire in el dorado county. a live look over a protest march through downtown san francisco. police have formed a blockade to keep the group from entering union square. right now they are keeping them back at stockton and
7:29 pm
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sky 7 hd following breaking news in san francisco right now. these are live pictures of protest marches that started a justin herman plaza near the ferry building and up market street on to stockton street, directly toward union square. you can see a human wall of police there that have met the
7:32 pm
protesters. the protesters, demonstrators, they have been walking for about a half hour. as we pan through the crowd, this has become a large group raising concerns for merchants in the area and others trying to enjoy black friday sales an the tree lighting ceremony. the tree lighting is supposed to happen at about 6:40. i can tell you that -- we'll look at the situation there. i'm fair live certain that greg, the police chief and the rest of the san francisco department are trying to make sure the tree lighting ceremony goes off without a hitch and don't want the protesters clashing with the people at union square. >> absolutely. we are keeping an eye on this. we have reporters in the area. we will continue to monitor it throughout the newscast and always on twitter at abc 7 news bay area. well, three months after one of the most destructive wildfires in california history, a huge yefrt is underway in el dorado county to protect the area charred by the king fire.
7:33 pm
crews are worried what the rainy season will do the barren landscape. >> reporter: we are used to helicopters dropping water to fight pfeiffers, but straw and mountainsides full of it? >> this landscape lost all of its protective cover, vegetation and ground cover. >> reporter: mary moore is leading the burn area emergency response team. the king fire burned 97,000 acres leaving nothing on the forest floor. so when the rain comes so does the potential for landslides. that's where this comes in, creating a one-inch absorbent layer. >> this mulch will go down in a may trick pattern. what will happen is when the rain comes it will come and land on the mulch, on the dots between my finger and keep some
7:34 pm
of the water up here on the hillsides. >> reporter: after that process, this is what the finished product looks like. you are probably thinking that's a lot of straw. and it is. 1200 ac and $500 per acre. the total cost $600,000, but it is well worth it. well worth it because of what they are protecting. of the 97,000 acres burned only 1200 will get the straw cover, protecting specific roads and reservoirs. >> the sediment that would other wieds go to the reservoirs without the helimulching would decrease the capacity. >> reporter: abc 7 news. we're learning about a vicious attack targeting an uber driver in san francisco. it happened last weekend at 18th avenue in the richmond district. an uber driver said he was taking his fare to the
7:35 pm
intersection at 2:00 a.m. on sunday when the man moved to the front seat of the car and the suspect attacked the driver. he called police who arrested the suspect. the driver suffered a broken nose and other facial injuries. we have more ferguson fallout as demonstrators try to grab the attention of post thanksgiving day shoppers. several hundred protesters stormed a st. louis mall this morning trying to disrupt black friday shopping. they say they are anry over the grand jury decision in the shooting death of michael brown. officials urged mall retailers to bring down the security gates and shoppers to leave the area. >> i'm here from atlanta visiting. we have been watching it on cnn news. just to see it firsthand here is something to see. we will stand and watch. >> reporter: the national guard eventually moved in to clear out the protesters without incident. back to our breaking news. the standoff between police and protesters on stockton street in
7:36 pm
san francisco just outside of union square. abc 7 news reporter is right there and joins us live on the phone with what's happening. >> reporter: that's right. the standoff has been brewing here the last ten minutes a the corner of stocktonnd in front of neiman marcus department store. a line of police officers from the san francisco police are standing barricading themselves in front of protesters who were trying to get up to the area of union square where a tree lighting will happen here in the next 30 minutes. the protesters have been stopped here at the corner. many have dispersed, turned around and virtually disappeared. this march started about 6:00 p.m. from the plaza and made its way quickly up market street. people protesting the situation in ferguson, the decision by the
7:37 pm
grand jury. and also because it's black friday. a lot of people are shopping an a lot of people who weren't protesting felt like police are now reorganizing their efforts here. looks like a few more police officers have showed up. just to make sure a lot of protesters don't get through and possibly disrupt this tree lighting ceremony. again, it has been peaceful. police are out here in force. i would say there is at least 60 to 70 police officers standing here at the corner of gearry and stockton street. so far it has been peaceful. keep you posted. abc 7 -- >> before you go. we are seeing shots from sky 7 hd showing a group of protesters dispersing and trying to make their way around the police blockade and going on powell and ofarrell. what are police trying to do to block them off at any potential entrance to union square?
7:38 pm
>> there have been a lot of police officers. we are blocked by louis vuitton and macy's. can't see what is going on at ofarrell street. safe to say there are other police officers on the other side of the group of buildings trying to prevent they don't go farther. >> i know you are trying to do the best you can but there is so much going on. the tree lighting is supposed to happen in five minutes. police are trying to keep the protesters from disrupting that as people are trying to have a good time and get their holiday shopping done. >> the police don't want these two groups clashing. you have a lot of families and kids. obviously the folks at union square do not want any incidents. we'll keep you posted and follow along with the helicopter and crew on the ground. of course you can follow us at twitter at abc 7 news bay area a for late-breaking updates. ahead, anywhere van in a smartphone app. the
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all right. a live look from union square in san francisco. we believe we are seconds away from the macy's tree lighting
7:42 pm
scheduled to happen. the event in the 25th year. the tree is 83 feet tall. decorated with 33,000 lights. they are energy efficient l.e.d.s, of course, in california. more than 1,000 ornaments and the drama of the subplot of this as we wait for the tree to be lit up here and you can see the fans -- >> getting readied. >> waving the lights. >> all the families. >> we are getting close here. there is a huge group of protesters trying to make their way to the tree lighting area. presumably to disrupt the fun and the black friday shopping. >> they started at justin herman plaza, made their way along market street and now they are being held back by police at the various entrances to union square. we saw a big group at stockton and gearry. trying to hold them back out of union square so they don't disrupt this wonderful holiday tree lighting happening in macy's union square, about to happen any second now, we think.
7:43 pm
>> if i'm macy's or the police i'm thinking i want to get this tree lit as quickly as possible here and let's get the crowd moving along the way in to stores. they really don't want these groups clashing. what we have seen is the protesters -- okay. a wider look now from sky 7 hd as union square. now on the top right of the screen you can see the protesters held back. >> upper right. >> yes. >> and what they have been trying to do is circumvent the police blockades. they are trying to go around and obviously it is a congested area to begin with when you have the holiday shopping. so it is not easy to make your way around. it is also kind of challenging for the police department to be at every corner, every intersection to block things off. let's go back to the tree. i'm hearing people. i'm wondering if the tree
7:44 pm
lighting is happening right. >> there's the tree. hopefully this should happen. the 25th year. can we bring the sound up live from that camera. >> santa. >> ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. [ cheers and applause ] >> beautiful. >> there you have it. live, the tree has been lit. all right, everybody. now go do your shopping. and then we will see what and then we will see what happens with the protests. and the doctor saw a i weblemish on my cheek.ter, he told me it was skin cancer. i was in shock. i wasn't covered with any health insurance.
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in the country through covered california.s i'm living proof that health insurance works. i'm in, because i'm getting the best care around. you too can enjoy quality health coverage. to enroll, or find free in-person help, go to a live look at our breaking news from sky 7 hd. this is san francisco near union square. protesters have gathered. they began at justin herman plaza and made their way along market street and tried to get to union square for the lighting of the tree. the 25th annual. the tree has been lit. police are keeping them back of the various streets leading in to union square. we are hearing reports that now some windows are being broken. the protesters are gathered there and all of the people in
7:48 pm
union square after the tree lighting presumably headed in to stores and such but a lot of people and crowds. we are keeping an eye on this. >> you saw the police, a string of white helmets on the left side they are trying to form a human barricade to keep protesters from creating anymore problems than we already have. >> we are following this. . follow us on twitter for the latest. hopefully things will be peaceful. you see people running around a little bit. hopefully they can keep people calm and the chaos away. michelle obama gave her nod of approval to the white house christmas tree. >> the 25 foot fir arrived on a horse-drawn wagon. they were there to inspect it. they smelled it, spoke amongst
7:49 pm
themselves before the first lady said yes. the tree will be displayed in the blue room. let's get a look at the weekend forecast coming up. >> spencer christian is here with the latest. >> reporter: a wet and soggy weekend. the rain started already as you can see up in the north bay. widespread rainfall right now which will sweep southard and eastward. tomorrow it will be wet over the northern half of the state. some snow will fall in the sierra. back to the bay area, cloudy skies throughout the day. a break or two of sunshine and we will see areas and periods of rain and showers throughout the day. it won't be a continuous rain but soaking rains from time to time. high temperatures around or just above 60 degrees across the region. here's the accu-weather seven-day forecast. we will have windy and rainy weather on sunday. monday a few more breaks with flashes of sunshine here and there and also sho z showers. showers on wednesday and drying out on thursday and friday. a week of active, unsettled weather. >> we love it. >> sounds excited.
7:50 pm
>> i'm excited. >> i'm in for dan. colin is in for me and a lot of tweetin' going on about the 49ers. >> social media. you have to love it. providing the water cooler conversation after last night's loss. what the daughter of the gm had to say. stanford spoiling ucla's bid for a pac-12 tightal.
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all right. we want to update the breaking news situation we have been following throughout this newscast. the protest situation at union square is escalating. we are looking at powell street. we are told protesters are breaking windows, throwing rocks on powell street at this point. we are also informed that some employees at a jewellers which is at 295 geary they are hiding in fear of some of the protesters, we're told who are carrying hammers. >> apparent think i will the stratford hotel some bottles were thrown at that as well and you see people walking away. we just had the tree lighting ceremony in union square. a lot of families. you can see them still here
7:54 pm
milling around. this is a ground shot from union square after the three was lit. shoppers are out for black friday deals. police are doing the best they can to keep the protesters away from union square. we continue to follow the latest. keep an ustwitter. unfamiliar role today in pasadena. a spoiler. bruins win and heading to next friday's championship game and arizona gets in. troy aikman gets his number retired today. i'd clap for myself, too if that happened. hogan below average. oh, please. hogan not very good in the first ten games of the year. good the last two. started 12-12. stanford up 14-10. hogan shrugs off the sack. 37 yards and 234 yards passing, two tds for hogan.
7:55 pm
wright two rushing tds in the game and two more today. they are unable to take advantage of the cardinals special teams unit as well. trying to fake a field goal here. backup quarterback picked off by richard. stanford 31-10 the final. they have beaten ucla seven straight times. >> our best all-around games. our guys really wanted this game and played like it. there were no excuses. we wanted to play it to the best of our ability and they went out and did it. >> oregon and arizona state next week. i spoke to jim harbaugh's dad last night and asked how much the niners would win by. he said one is all we need. in what was an embarrassing effort in primetime on thanksgiving night. they struggled to get one point. richard sherman, a thorn in the side of colin kaepernick and michael crabtree for the second time in two months.
7:56 pm
the interceptions didn't come guarding. >> it is not one on one. you see that, no one on one at all. they did a good job scheming. >> the second was pretty entertaining. i was laughing the whole time. i said if they threw it my way i would end the game and they threw it. >> better team defense, played better team offense and do what needs to be done and that's got to win them all. >> could be major fallout from last night's loss. york tweeting it was unacceptable, fingerpointing at kaepernick for his performance and roman is under attack by of all people cassie. the daughter of the team general manager tweeted this, greg roman can take a hike. the 49ers don't want you no more. she since deleted her account and dad said they since apologized to roman and it was a
7:57 pm
teachable moment. of course it was. homecoming for seth curry as the warriors try to build on their best start to a season in franchise history. 12-2 they are not the warriors of michael jordan's day. but they were pretty good in the '90s. they were the hornets and then bobcats and now the hornets again. to the rack. brian had 20. the hornets up three in the second. charlotte up ten at one point. here comes him for the bucket. 27 for the game. his family looking on, he chipped in 26. finesse dunk. warriors go up seven and win their eighth straight. golden state 13-2. wow. this abc 7 sports report brought to you by orchard harvest.
7:58 pm
>> best start in history. >> thank you, colin. we will take you out one more time to union square and the situation as we mentioned is escalating. this is a sky 7 hd look and we have ground angles here as we are told that win with does have been broken at macy's as well as the stratford hotel where rocks and bottles are being thrown. this is a clash of protesters who are protesting the decision in ferguson, missouri, march all the way up from market street and were intent on disrupting this tree lighting ceremony. at least the tree lighting went off without incident and looked like everybody was safe and it is unsettled at best. >> we hear that protesters are inside the mall. we will continue to follow this on-line, follow us at twitter on-line, follow us at twitter and we will see you a
7:59 pm
8:00 pm
is sam still out with your dad? it's been almost six hours. maybe he took her to the mall again. i mean, for a guy his age, that's like three hours to find a parking spot and three more hours to back out. actually, i think he was taking her to long beach to see the cargo ships come in. oh, well, then she's probably just waiting for the adrenaline to wear off.


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